The General Relationship between Space, Mobilization, Group Consciousness and Massive Social Change

In my previous entry I introduced the notions Stability of the Locus of Consciousness and Spatial Stability of Locus of Consciousness so as to give us additional tools with which we can understand our relationship to the spatial environments in which we participate.

Today I want to take a step back by attempting to provide a bird’s eye view of why I am taking the time to develop some of these very specific and seemingly technical definitions. If you have taken the time to read the About or the Content page, you will see that I emphasize that the reason that I am developing these ideas is to draw a connection between Modernity (the world that we live in today) and the possibility for Massive Social Change. To begin to develop this argument I have introduced a the notion of Space and provided a few ideas on how we may be able to think about Space.

One might reasonably ask: what does Space have to do with the possibility for Massive Social Change in the modern world? Well, the answer to that is that the nature of Space in the modern world is different from what it used to be and this difference will bring to bear on why Massive Social Change is now a possibility.

Rather than tackle the question as to how the Nature of Space in the modern world is different from the way that it used to be, I want to briefly discuss connections that I am trying to make so that you can get a sense of the Big Picture. In summary, I will establish relationships between the following:

  • Social Change and Mobilization
  • Mobilization and Group Consciousness
  • Group Consciousness and Space

These relationships don’t seem to be controversial. Clearly all social change that is brought about Intentionally requires the Mobilization of people – whether this be full scale revolution or ones local union, the ability to mobilize people around a set of ideas is necessary.

In turn, Mobilization by its very nature is a Group Process. It is something that is done collectively with a consciousness amongst those in the collective that they are doing something of which they are a part. Group Processes, again by definition, require Group Consciousness. One cannot participate in a group activity without knowing that one is part of a group. Getting clear on exactly what it means to be conscious of ones membership in a group will be essential to understanding what Group Consciousness is.

Group Consciousness is the consciousness of a number of things; our relation to others, specific ideas that are common to oneself as well as to the others of whom we are conscious etc. Group Consciousness, therefore, is a consciousness of a specific aspect of the things that we are conscious of that are distinct from ourselves. It is not the consciousness of the chair that I am sitting on, nor is it the consciousness of the colour of the leaves on the trees outside my window. It is consciousness that involves Others, our relation to Others, and the way that a number of Others are related to each other in Space and Time. Group consciousness, therefore, requires that we be consciousness of each other in Space, understood generally.

We therefore, see that in order to understand how Mobilization and Massive Social Change can be brought about in the Modern world, it will be necessary to understand how we stand in relation to others in group contexts, and this in turn requires that we examine closely the notion of Space.

I hope that this serves to make clear why it is that I have introduced the notion of Space, and the role that it plays in the larger story that I am developing.


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