My Story

The Story

I am a revolutionary, change agent, warrior, philosopher and reformed financier who has committed his life to creating the new world that our hearts yearn for. I envision a world where there is no war, oppression and abuse of power; where we treat each other and the world that we live in with respect and love. This world will require a deep understanding of our historical context and the role that capitalism and its associated institutions play in creating our current conditions. It will not be enough to envision and design potential utopias. What is necessary is a more pragmatic transitional approach that engages directly with the System, both for the purposes of influencing the System from the inside as well as, more importantly, accessing resources and support.

Money is a requirement for our survival and for the advancement of projects; even those with altruistic intentions.

Unfortunately, capitalism and the mechanisms for the distribution of capital carry with them certain priorities (the maximization of financial capital) that are in conflict with the survival of life on earth. Furthermore, the specifics of how these institutions and practices have evolved makes it such that those with more noble aspirations cannot find the necessary support.

Those that understand that we need healing; that the planet requires healing… therefore find themselves marginalized and stigmatized. Those that frame the current narrative of course construct and perpetuate this discourse for it serves their interests.

Furthermore, my experience as a revolutionary and movement builder has taught me the importance of aligning intentions; of talking about and building processes in support of unification. This is a strategic and tactical necessity if we are to aggregate enough ‘people power’ to take on the System.

The process of unification, in turn, is served by the creation of the right physical spaces; co-location spaces, rural spaces for gatherings and workshops, living spaces etc. These spaces where we share space and time; get to know each other both personally and professionally; develop trust and love is both a strategic objective in support of unification as well as the objective itself. It is in these spaces where feel the potency of the kinds of communities that we need to create; communities imbued with the spirit of love and respect for all things. For in the final analysis, all that really matters is who we spend time with, how we spend time, and how these communities impact the world we live. Let us rebuild the world in a way that serves us all…

What I have come to realize, a realization for which I am grateful, is that the process of coming together in deep alignment in space and time also offers the possibility for shifting the paradigm with which to how capital is allocated.

The creation of the new world… the communities of which it is constituted… therefore, makes it possible to create the conditions to scale this process!

If we are able to come together… to work together… in a way that honours both the autonomy of our individual paths and missions and also our collective need to participate in an ever growing movement and global narrative that is transforming our collective consciousness… we can not only find support in each other, we can also access the financial resources we require in order to support ourselves.

In solving this problem… the financial bottleneck that exists for those that want to do the right thing for all of us… for the planet, we can shift the balance of power in a global movement for change.

Humanity is at a crisis point and we all have an obligation to take up the challenge.

No longer is self interest and the prioritization of our immediate needs sufficient.

We are being called to answer a higher challenge… the challenge of a lifetime… the lifetime of a human species….

I ask you to walk with us and to answer the call….


A Few Facts

  • I reside in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • I self identify as a Rainbow Warrior (I will be detailing what this means with precision…), philosopher, revolutionary, social innovator and community builder
  • I am a Co-Founder and Principal of .commUNITY, and organization that is developing a new way to organize people and resources; an ekosystem
  • I am a co-founder of the Salish Sea Spiritual Ecology Alliance, a collective of like minded individuals exploring the intersection of Spirit, environmental consciousness and activism.
  • I am working on three books concurrently that I hope to release in the next six months;
    • Loving Humanity: the birth of a Rainbow Warrior: a combination of prayer, story, philosophy and case study explaining what I think we need to do to birth the new cultural paradigm.
    • The Loving Warrior: I am a student of Toltec Warrior wisdom which, however, omits any discussion of Love. This is my contribution to the philosophy of the Warrior tradition… an explanation of how Love fits into the picture.
    • Philosophical Musings: A collection of essays on a wide range of topics including the history of philosophy, consciousness, truth, love, space, groups, community, identity, social movements, technology and more!
  • I was deeply involved in the Occupy movement that has served to transform my perspective of how the world works, and to answer a lot of questions relating to who I am as well as what I need to do!
  • I am an active community builder as community is what we all seek. It is that which is the basis for personal identity and therefore is constitutive of who we are. There is no sense in which we can understand ourselves independently of the community within which we are situated.
  • I am a revolutionary… doing my best to rid the world of that which is not working and bring into the world new models and ways of being in the world!
  • I am a prolific writer of all sorts of stuff; prose, poetry and lots of philosophy, which I studied at the Master’s level
  • Prior to entering the Master’s program I ran a company called Catalyst Capital Partners, Inc. that provided financing and strategic advisory services for early stage technology companies.
  • Prior to that I was a stockbroker at a major Canadian investment bank, where I managed $30,000,000 in assets on behalf of individual clients.
  • I have an undergraduate degree in physics
  • I am an explorer of people, ideas, places etc.
  • I love to play chess and I used to play the drums … it’s still a possibility I will take this up!

I believe that peace on earth is a possibility… and it is my mission to demonstrate this both through my writings as well as the institutions and models that I create.

If this dream is not realized in my lifetime, I hope to plant the seed so that others can see how it might be possible… 


With Love,



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