Writings About the Future

In the following you will find the documents and presentations that support my vision of the future that is being realized in the work that I am doing developing collaboration tools and processes to connect people and organizations for the purpose of positive social change.
THE BIG PICTURE Modern Context Evolution of Communication Modernity, Knowledge and Dialogue Transformation of Space Collaboration Infrastructure Drivers Historical Inflection Point Modernity and Alienation Modernity_Notes The Concept of Facebook Fixing The World Fixing The World_Original Open Collaboration Open System Mobilization Platform Ecosystem Collaboration Platform Climate Change Collaboration Platform  Ontology and Syntax Enterprise Open Collaboration PHILOSOPHY Ethics The Visibility of Moral Facts Reflexivity and Normativity External Reasons_Motivation Social Theory Groups Social Movements Power Consciousness and Mind Fodor_Notes Objectivity and Self Consciousness Towards a Temporal View of Consciousness Language and Meaning Concepts.Language and Epistemic Systems Frege_Notes Leibniz_Intension_Extension Reference and Epistemic Warrant Existentence Predicates_Russell Russell's Theory of Types Semanticism and Contextualism Epistemology and Representation Identity Emotions Happiness Intention Action and Objects Mental Objects and Perceptual Inference Proprioception and Sensing Representation_Connectionist Networks The Sense/Knowing of Objects_Sellars Metaphysics and Ontology Dialogues_Part_I Dialogues_Part_II Dialogues_Part_III Reflections on Being_Space and Conscious ... Reflections on Being_Space and Conscious ... Reflections on Being_Space and Conscious ... Existential Logic Psychologism and Realism Presence Space Allison on Kant Notes on Concept of Space Taxonomy of Space Social Venture Social Venture Investment Bank MUSIC The Global Harmony Initiative PERSONAL Warrior In Search of Infinity_The Beginning Prose and Poetry Conditioning Theory Business and Strategic Planning

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