Philosophical Writings

In the following you will find an archive of various papers of a philosophical nature. Some of the papers are complete, but most of what you will find are notes on various topics. Some of the papers were written in academic context, but most were not. I find that I write, not for the sake of completion, but in order to clarify my own views. Hence I can rationalize the incompleteness of the content… Once I have an intuition of what I think about a topic I move on to something else. I know that, if I so choose, I can complete the picture.
It should be noted that my thinking on a lot of topics has evolved and there is much that I would likely challenge if revisited closely.
I also know that there is some underlying intuition that ties everything together. It will be the work of a lifetime to determine what that is 😉

One thought on “Philosophical Writings

  1. the temporal one is of interest to me
    i like your attempts at trying to define the parameters
    is this just your idea
    a merging of physics and metaphysics?
    or is this following some kind of literature stream?

    not sure if i am willing to accept the methodology of your presentation
    since most of them start with
    “the model needs to explain…”
    from what i have come to… understand… is
    modeling is what we do
    and thus to have a model of the model is…
    somewhat regressive…

    in my own explorations
    i think maths is the model
    or in a variation of bateson’s the map is not the territory
    maths is the territory

    i hope we have the opportunity to share more time
    and should this happen in any significant way
    then we definitely need to meet somewhere where our methodologies match
    we will be talking at cross-purposes

    be well!

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