Leadership, Consciousness and Stillness

How do we understand the consciousness of the true leader? :Leaders do not covet leadership. They build something. That said, leaders understand that they have a certain responsibility to their people. Leaders understand, at least in some cases, that they are leaders. They also understand the vagaries of the pursuit of leadership and power… the ways that this behavioural imperative serves to fracture, divide and destabilize. True leaders, therefore, operate with the largest perspective in the given context… and are, therefore, deferential to the requirements of the highest level perspective. This deference means that they are not subject to the whims of the moment… they realize that it is not necessary to assert their voice in every moment… that silence speaks volumes… that inner silence is what ones seeks so as to be able to offer outer silence as a gift… and that inner silence requires engagement with the highest levels of consciousness…. spiritual consciousness… fractal consciousness… unity consciousness…


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