About the Website

This blog is primarily a historical archive of various papers and notes that have been written over, roughly, the last ten years. I hope to transition it into a more current repository of material

As you can see, I cover a broad range of topics that span the breadth of my interests.

Since my interest is to make a positive contribution to the world through a combination of thought and action my current strategy is to write consistently and to place my writings in the public domain, thereby engaging the world… The response of the world will give rise to some response on my part, and therefore the process will proceed dialogically

My life tends to be an iteration between Action and Reflection

Philosophical Considerations

As mentioned, it is part of my longer term objective to express myself in a manner that is ‘philosophical’. Here are  a few themes you will see addressed.

  • Existential Considerations... I am interested in understanding what it is to be unique agent in this world… as well as how we explain both our animal nature as well as the sense in which we are strongly different from animals.
  • Identity: No discussion of what it is to be human can be complete without examining how we come to know and define ourselves…
  • Love: Of course, the million dollar question!
  • Consciousness and Mind… In order to effectively understand the above, it will be necessary to formulate some picture of how the brain/consciousness/mind works.
  • Modernity… I am interested in the sense in which the world we live in today is discontinuous from other epochs. My sense is that there is something very different
  • Technology: a feature of the Modernity that is discontinuous is the role of the Internet as a mechanism to connect and to transform the nature of the Space between us. Deeper consideration for its implications is warranted.
  • Space: an examination of what Space is, if we are all connected across boundaries, is required
  • Individual… Groups… Communities… Society…. I am interested in the relationships that exist between all elements of the social order that serve to be self constitutive
  • Power and Change... All of this is in service of understanding how to connect to the world and make this world a better place!…


And much More!




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